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Title: Please Take My Halo.
Genre: Romance, Horror, Drama (shounen-ai)


In alternate universes the facts and scientific theories we have in today's mankind do not exist. Transcripts of what is believed to be myths do not exist, myths themselves do not exist that is why we have what here we call "mythological" creatures,

but, in the hands of war.. the greatest taboo would be the love of an angel and a deadlin. What happens when a deadlin teen too in love with the sky to realize that the sky holds something more precious to him than he could imagine, has that 'thing' fall right out before him.

An angel? How is he supposed to wed an angel? To stop the war? Espescially when it's another boy!




Euth Uel (19) and Lenam Uel (17)

The main protagonist in the story. Euth is a (half) deadlin that wishes that he was born an angel, just so he could enjoy what he calls "the most powerful being" otherwords, the sky. He feels it radiates cheerfulness and peace, joy being something his families household lack immensely. Known to be softspoken and poetic, most of the village girls follow after him, wondering why he never fully has an interest in any of them.
His sister, Lenam, is the only person he ever is known to speak to. His father is seen to be quite ill-tempered towards both of them after their mother was pushed from the village. There mother was Eudai who was an angel, used to tame the last war by marraige. This caused Euth to only have one wing, his sister having both, so that he could never fully fly high enough to get to that destined sky. His sister, who loves to observe art, only has one eye that can see, but her other eye is useless and is the one that can observe art and poetry through vision, blurring everything and after a series of frustration and depression, Lenam stabs herself through her pupil, destroying her vision furthermore to the point wear she wears an eyepatch.
Lenam is known to be verbally abused by her stepmother Gwen when her brother is not in the house, her stepmothers mood changes abruptly when he enters, seeing how he is the one to become the next ruler.

Gweneth Uel (42)

Shortened to Gwen by Euth's father, Gwen is extremly kind to Euth an horribley moody towards his sister Lenam, she has been rumored to have only married their father for his money, and when the war began to threaten that, she came up with the idea of marrying Euth of to Nai Yue of the enemy in battles king.


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Nai Yue (18)

One year younger than his fiance', he was trying to run away from the family who seemingly wants TO MUCH to do with him, he fell and collapsed into the tree which Euth was at (normal enough, watching the sky) Euth stumbled but had still caught the unconscious boy and out of hospitailty, taken him back home where Gwen found who he was.

Sorry this is my first time doing a comic but I had to redo this page because I spilt green Tea on the original, i think it turned out a little bit better in some areas and then in some, a little worse, I hate the fonts, and the mom looks horrible, but I'll live, plot suggestions/editations welcome.

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