Digimon - Kenshiro 02 Picture

Here is Kenshiro in the season 02

Name: Kenshiro Aikawa

Age: 14

Race: Human

Status: Dark-DigiDestined

Gender: Male

Crest color : Dark-purple

Crest: Sorrow

Hair color: Long black hair & 2 purple stripes

Eye color: Black

Height: 5'-7"

Weight: 135 lbs

Family: Genkaku Aikawa (father), Aoi Aikawa (mother), Aikawa, Yurika, Shiho (older sisters)

Crush: None

Loved by: None

Rivals/opponents: All bad digimon

Personnality: Since season 01, because of his parent's divorce, Kenzo was forced to live with his mother which he and her doesn't seem to be close and aren't after 3years. He now trust more the others after passing a whole summer with them, with his strange ability to sense the emotion and provide what happened he now helps his new friend and people with their personnal problems. Kenzo discovered a passion for computer and became Izzy's intellectual rival, they constantly play chess & Go. Kenzo also loves mythology and somtimes help Sora's father and Joe's brother in their research.

In the futur: Kenshiro marries Anna a beautiful blind girl and has a girl, and becomes a librarian in a university in history & myth and tries to find a link between the real world & the digital-world.

Onimon's Digivolution levels:

-Baby - Bomamon

Attack: None

-In-Training - Chibimarumon

Attack: Bubble Blow

-Rookie - Onimon

Attack: Spirit Ember

-Champion - Ashuramon

Attack: Oni Stomp, Ritual Cremation.

-Ultimate - SkullAshuramon

Attack: Destiny Inferno, Heaven Cry.

-Mega - Onikagemon

Attack: Soul Deletion, Shikgam No Kamaitachi & Muramasa Gran Slasher.
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