Goddess of War-Illiana Picture

Goddess of War... Illiana...

In the Superiors... the mythological is no longer a myth... The supernatural live along the natural, and the immortal make their presence known... There is a lot of tampering with dimensional barriers by the Roman God of War heir "Apollo VIII". His powers are just a small portion of what his ancestors were. Of course he is the "undead" descendant of his Roman God ancestor "Apollo". When he starts to cause havoc in the mortal realm, THE Goddess of War "Illiana" makes her presence known to Apollo by destroying everything with one swift movement of her hand. When he continues to try to cause chaos and destruction she puts him to rest and returns to her realm once peace is restored until the climax in "The Superiors: The Final Chapter".

Illiana can cause destruction with a flick of her wrist and exerting the littlest effort. Her powers extend far beyond Apollo the VIII and his ancestors because she's THE Goddess of War... She ends war to resume peace to help her sisters "THE Goddesses" maintain and to watch over the mortal realm(s) to make sure the realm(s) don't collapse in on themselves through self-destruction or by the destruction of supernatural beings such as Apollo and Apollo Chris. She dresses in black and white. Black to symbolize the death that is the result from war; White for the peace that comes after and before war. Her eyes glow red with anger from the mortals towards one another. Her power is fueled by that same anger. She states often that as long as the humans and supernaturals have hatred and anger towards one another her duty will not end and her power will be limitless.

She's also based after one of my friends. lol
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