I Believe Picture

This is a piece based on the song 'I Believe' by R.E.M, and is, I think, about as mixed as mixed media gets: 3 varieties of coloured pencil, wax crayon, chalk, ink, gel pen, acrylic paint, graphite pencil. I think there may be a slight symbolism overload here:

1. The 3 Michael Stipes: I think this is one of the band's most autobiographical songs, and to illustrate this, I've included 3 Stipes: the one in the centre of the picture is a child-like image: the one being sung about in the song; the two on the stairs are him in 1986, when the song was written, and as he is today.

2. Wings: Partly, partly, partly, I think that Michael Stipe suits wings, but it's also an image of freedom.

3. Stairs: Again, referencing freedom of choice- it's possible to walk up or down the stairs, and be able to go back up or down to where you were before from there: stairs aren't a one-way system.

4. Crack in cliff: Symbolises change, but also references the line: '
5. Crayon/Chalk: Both traditionally childish mediums, fit with theme of childhood.

6. Raven: Accompanying coyote (Coyotes are mentioned in the song) as a reference to Native American mythology.

7. Musical notation: BECAUSE IT'S A SONG. DUH.

8. Quetzalcoatl (Big dragony-type thing): In Aztec myths, Quetzalcoatl was an inquisitive, playful and short-fused god, akin to a child.

9. Snowgolem: Because...because... I wanted a golem for some reason. And because they're too dark for the picture, I turned it into a sort of clay snowman with the tiny arm inscription from the story.

10. Cat and goat: Refer to me- if I had a 'fursona', it'd definitely be a cat, but my totem is a mountain goat. The playful cat figure shows the more cartoony, youthful image of a fursona, in contrast to the apprehensive, responsible totem. The fact that the ball of yarn is connected to the goat is a reference to 'Cochmat Lev' or 'wisdom of the heart'- in Exodus, it describes how spinners were suddenly inspired to spin goat hair while it was still on the goats; the song is definitely abundant in Cochmat Lev.
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