Celtic Self Portrait Picture

Well...since I'm not uploading much of anything else at the moment - here's one of my Digital Art I projects that I'm fairly happy with. The requirements were pretty specific - it had to be a representation of myself with some sort of reference to my culture there also had to be text. In addition, I had to use two outside mediums (i.e. not digital.)

So - that's me...and the two dogs represent my own sweet puppies - Rufus, my Black Lab and Rachel, my Great Pyrenees. At least a part of my heritage is Irish, so I decided to focus on a "Book of Kells" sort of theme.

The mediums I used may not be very obvious - the first was the pattern on the book's cover, which is one of my attempts at paper marbling (a very fun process!); the second is the "old paper" texture which I created using a hot oven, computer paper, and lemon juice - it's also a fun process...but kind of smelly.
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