Lindell and Cho Picture

my new characters redrawn onto SAI. so glad I have SAI again and can't to wait to make more things

Lindell Wiker
he is a nokken, a mythical creature from Scandinavian, English and Germen myths. he lives a life of solitude, often singing and playing his viola. when people come across him in his waterfall and hear his music, they will be hypnotized and drown in his waters. but Lindell doesn't do it on purpose, its just a trait of his species and often hates when it happens. he just wants to sing and make music. in his lake he has a garden of water lilies; he hates when people mess with them without asking

he was cursed into the life of a nokken by another nokken hundreds of years ago when he was just a lad and was too hypnotized to drown. but his creator did not kill him and left him to be a nokken. Lindell gets sad about being what he is because he believes his soul in impure and won't go to heaven

a kitsune by birth, a magical fox creature in Japanese mythology. his mother was a kitsune before him and had children with his human father. Cho was the only child to have been born as a kitsune. as he went through childhood he grew as a human but once his powers starting showing, his mother ran away with him to teach him the kitsune way. years passed, his human family died, and then his mother. he is an adult now and working for the goddess of fertility, rice and sake Inari

due to his mischievous personality and love for pranks, Inari sent him on a journey to travel the world. she had hidden through the lands eight special prayer beads that will help teach Cho to be a better person. Cho believes that if he finds these prayer beads, he will make a rosary for Inari and she will make him one of her messengers and will live forever

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