Fill in Europe Meme Picture

Found this while looking around for memes to do and decided to do it

I didn't fill in all the countries, just some of them

Belgium: Tintin, Hercule Poirot, chocolate, Belgian beer

France: the Eiffel Tower, art

Spain: Bulls and Bullfighting and the annual running of the bulls, the famous annual big tomato fight in the town of Buñol

The Netherlands: Windmills, tulips, and those wooden shoes which I think are called Clogs

Italy: Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Rome and Ancient Rome, art, pizza, pasta (especially spaghetti), and the Vatican

England: Big Ben, Castles, Detective mystery, and ghosts (lots and lots of ghosts)

Scotland: Bagpipes, the Loch Ness Monster, and Plaid

Ireland: Shamrocks and Fairies (and all things magical in general)

Greece: Ancient Greece and Greek mythology

Germany: Beer and Lederhosen

Switzerland: Mountains and Swiss chesses

Romania: Vampires, wolves and werewolves, and ghosts

Poland: a Star of David, because Poland use to have a large Jewish population, until World War 2 uuuuuhhhhh
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