Sowwy, me no Sare Picture

So I've been hanging around =snapesnogger gallery way to much, since me and a ton of others worship her And I finally broke down and draw a naga of my own
Since I'm now in love wit the lil guys ^_^

The style is highly based on hers (specially the eyes) since i lack my own
O and Naga is a half human, half snake myth creature from egyptian mythology (right?)
And this lil guy is only a baby

Edit: O wait, mistake! Nagas orignated from India, thanks ~Mewfanatic for telling me
.....I want an ear to chew on....looks nummy
special thanks goes to my sweetheart since i need to be told when i'm doing a good job
My apologies for the pink bubble thingy, my colored pencil kept breaking on me so half-way through i had to switch, so me really sorry bout that

O and if this the first time you've heard of
Seriously you'll drool over her artworks

Media: PrismaColored Markers, PrismaColored Pencils, Z-wipes (the best pen!) and gelly roll (the pen, not the breakfast goodness)

Copyright for artwork belongs to [email protected]
Copyright for lil naga belongs to [email protected] and [email protected]

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