Scottish independence - Deception Picture

I'll probably update this later once I get a few more things done. Who knows, maybe I'll make of these if I get any more ideas.

With the Scottish independence referendum coming up next year (18th September), I've had images like this come up in my head. I was inspired by the debates on facebook and how both campaigns have been acting since the Edinburgh agreement. Yes Scotland is the campaign encouraging independence and Better Together is the campaign opposing independence.

The man is supposed to be Jock Tamson (the personification of Scotland) being approached by a kelpie with the Better Together logo on it's flank.

For those of you who don't know, a kelpie is a water horse from Scottish mythology that would trick people into riding on it and then jump into a loch or river (in some stories the sea) and devour them, leaving only their livers. Recently, a lot of unionist myths have been debunked by economists, politicians, activists etc. which has led many to believe they are deliberately decieving the public. The have also been using scaremongering tactics to try and dissuade people from voting yes to independence, usually dark and gloomy news and stories. As you probably know, Yes Scotland does the exact opposite and tells people the prosperities of becoming independent and show that Westminster isn't working for Scotland.

To me, this is what the campaign would look like if it was a being. A monster that looks all kind and innocent, but really wants to drag you down and eat your flesh.
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