Fenghuang and yang lung charm colour Picture

My version of the ancient chinese myth. The yin yang charm. Which actually represents all opposing forces. Not just good and evil. (I made my own improved version with serpents which I may post later...) the original is this
Fenghuang: (black phoenix) Female, dark, cool, earth, softness,
Yang Lung: (white dragon) Male, light, warmth, heavens, hardness.
I love how this turned out. However when you think about it I would change it around to fit my version of logic better
Light: female, warmth, softness, heavens, empathy,
Dark: Male, coolness, hardness, earth, logic.
As you know for one thing dark , coolness and soft don't match as warmth is softer.. ex: how energy behaves in vibration or water
Cold= hard warm=soft. etc. Regardless reading the myth a book inspired this art based on the ancient Chinese version (not my version of opposing forces)
Copyright Felicia Doucette 2013-2014, get my permission to re use. Thanks. Digital paint over a detailed pencil scan.
Questions welcome.
I totally have to do a really good version of my made up religion/opposing forces god/symbol!

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