Contest entry-Brother slayer Picture

Entry for ShadeofShinon's contest. Hope I understood the rules.

Well anyways. We were supposed to pick some myth and reinterpret it by including ShadeofShinon's characters.
The myth I chose is Finnish story "Brother slayer" (fin. Velisurmaaja), which is about end of the world. A boy comes home to his mother and tells her he has killed his brother. And when mother asks what happens next, the boy answers that he will leave far away. When mother asks when he will return, he tells several impossible things, and promises to return when those occur. Meaning that he won't be back.

Characters included: Fenrir as the boy, and Jormungandr as the mother.

By the way, Fenrir the wolf and Jormundgandr the world-serpent both appear in Scandinavian end of the world, Ragnarök, but that is a story for another time.… Reference used.… Contest page.
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