Mischief Picture

Thor's about to bring the hammer down.

This was one of the projects I was assigned for my comic book class I took last semester. The idea was to take one of your favorite comic book characters and redesign his or her costume, and I chose to redesign Loki, the younger brother of the titular character in the Thor comics.

I tried to make his appearance more relative to the Norse myth of the god of mischief, giving him more stereotypical Norwegian characteristics like blond hair and sharp teeth, and dressing him in a bear pelt to mimic the style of the vikings that would have worshipped him. I thought about making him bald, and he looked like the best kind of psychopath that way, but it seemed to make more anthropological sense to give him a lot of hair. Still rather torn.

The background I made with photoshop brushes, the rest is drawn with sharpies then colored in with more photoshop. So not the rest, then, I guess. XD

Angles are weird but lighting is weirder. I feel like it's almost believable, though. Suggestions?
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