Concept-Tablet of Destiny Picture

One concept that will be very important to my series will be the so-called "Tablets of Destinies".
In Mesopotamian mythology, these are special items that give their user the "power of the universe". Also, many cultures have "myths" about "power crystals".
In my series, the "Tablets" will be portrayed as high-tech objects that look like glowing crystals. Their powers include weather manipulation, mind control, interplanetary and interstellar communication and the targeting of scalar weapons of mass destruction over vast distances (even interstellar distances). Ownership of this incredible technology is one of the main causes for the vast wars that will feature in my series.
There are no buttons, dials or switches. The "Tablets" interface directly with their user's conciousness. The downside of this is that this makes it possible for the emotional characteristics of the user to be imprinted on the "Tablet" and rub off on the next user.
Like the One Ring from Lord of the Rings, the "Tablets" gradually sap their user's will and consume them with the obsessive desire to possess and control them. The "Tablets" become their user's "precious".
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