Twisted Dreamtime Picture

Well, I've been talking about it every now and then in my journal entries. Now you get to see what it is.

Twisted Dreamtime is what I did for my art body of work. It's comprised of this animation, as well as several pieces about individual creatures. I think by now it's alright if I post it here-it's been marked, and the mark has been finalised, so I don't think sticking it up here will be a problem.

I decided to do an animation partly because I knew it would force me to not slack off, and partly because my art teacher loves my little monsters and wanted to see them 'brought to life'. I reckoned that animation was the best way of doing that.

It's the longest one I've done, and I'm sort of proud of it, despite some frame issues.

Basically, it's about monsters. We like to invent tales of monsters, spirits, alternate worlds, and so much more. Creatures of fantasy can be so much more dangerous and terrible than anything that nature can create. But we are safe, for the monsters we create in fantasy are just that: fantasies.

This is the tale of one unfortunate person, from a primitive, superstitious tribe, who finds that the terrible monsters of myth and legend are not so fantastic as he believed...

I would really like some comments on this, to improve my flash technique.
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