Sketchy Beginnings Picture

Hehe, lookit teh lame title...(I thought it was funny??)
Anyway, as the label says, this is Persephone, from my all time favourite Greek myth (if you don't know your Greek Mythology, shame on you)

Yeah, it's pretty crap, the sketch wasn't all that fantastic to begin with, but I've had massive art-block ALL WEEK and I haven't drawn anything worth uploading, and on top of that, my scanner chose today to hiccup its last breath (I'm going to have to get that thing checked) but my account looked so empty, I had to upload something!!

This will probably go to scraps, once my gallery has some other stuff in it.

So yeah, please comment, even if its just to say I suck (just kidding. Don't kill my poor self-esteem)
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