Rem Picture

Unlike his older brother, Death, Rem was more gentle with the minds of people.


My first deviation!!
I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS WHEN I SHOULD'VE BEEN DOING HOMEWORK!! But I couldn't help it. Ever since school started my AP classes have been taking and eatting away at my drawing time.
Even this picture is related to school. In AP Lit we read a book about mythology and I found....out....that....

SLEEP AND DEATH ARE BROTHERS IN THE GREEK MYTHS!! *Gasps* *motions for others to gasp* 0_e XD

It was so obvious!! XD
I couldn't see how I couldn't see the connection before. XD
Oh well.
-Gets shot for being slow-

Rem belongs to meh. ;D
Well not really... But this version does. XD

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