Sketch dump 3 Picture

Another one done! This also contains older doodles as well. I like how nice and clean this one turned out (though, some of the traditional drawing did come out a little fuzzy to me…). I think I will keep up with this style. I'm debating on whether or not I should exclude the text though. This one took a lot less time and really fun to do.

1. Kayla crying in a bathroom because of high school drama.
2. Spencer, a 23 year old graphic design major. You might remember her from my college doodles (number 25 if you are interested in seeing it). Her step-father is a 29 old rich young man while her mother is 57 year old very rich woman. Her story is a romantic comedy, where she pursues a relationship with her new next door neighbor, a young single guy who just so happens to work her her dentist's office as his new assistant.
3. A redraw from high school.
4. A younger version of a character you will meet at number 9.
5. Also a redraw from high school that I decided to color. She's simple known as President from a fan club dedicated to the most popular girl in school named Suzuki. I created this character and the story she is in when anime and shojou manga really influenced me… Sadly I don't watch or read as much as I used too and consider my style more cartoony than anything now a days.
6. An elf from a fantasy story I created about a year ago. I sometimes go back to it, but I haven't really come up with a story idea. She's from a tribe of elves that is located near a body of water. She's a fisherman (like most women in her village)… That's all I really got.
7. Anzu is from a comic of mine I did in high school. I got pretty far too. About six or seven chapters (for a kid who drew only in class while making those comics, it was pretty impressive). Sadly, I stopped because I focused on another comic and began to see how horrible the comic was. Anzu was in charge of the school's discipline comminty (again, anime and manga inspired me heavily here). I have revamped the story a lot though. Anzu sadly didn't make into the story, but maybe I'll use her later. The story now has only about three or four of the main characters from the old story (it switches depending on the story I want to do for them).
8. The God of Wind is from a story where the major countries are in constant wars. I created this character my freshman year of college, but it wasn't until I took my African: Myths and Realities class that I really began to create the world the character is in. In the world, there is four major gods that are reincarnated: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. This story is constantly going through changes, so for now this is all.
9. Knight girl. She was born around a time when a great war went on. After losing her parents, no one wanted to take in the poor orphan not because they couldn't, but because she is what is known as a Wanderer. A Wanderer is similar to a gypsy and many do not like them because of their history with the Other World. She lives with her adoptive uncle and cousin (not related and also adopted because no body wanted to raise a young boy who lost an arm) on an apple farm. When she was around eight, she meet a Knight who gave her inspiration to become a hero like she was. When she turned 18, she signed up to become a knight, but didn't realize how hard the training was. She got the lowest score in her class and was even asked to go back to the apple farm. She wanted to prove her worth though. More about the story later.
10. An old drawing of me.
11. Robin from a fantasy story of mine. She's a tomboy who's old best friend goes missing and vows to bring her back.
12. Megan. 13. Conner. 14. Megan. 15. Catalina. 16. Knight girl.
17. Adrienne. My new main character of a story called Coyote. Was inspired to make this story in my World Mythology class when we began talking about tricksters in mythology. No line work was done and I was really more of playing with some brushes, so more cleaner artwork will be posted, along with the other characters in the story.
18. A redraw from my freshman year of college.

Hope you guys enjoy! Which one is your favorite?
If you have any advice on what to do better next time, please feel free to share!
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