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Icarus, originally named "Isaac," was once an engine who used to work on Sodor with Edward, Eagle, Thomas, Gordon, Alfred, Cecil, and Henry. He was a kind engine, but can also get very determined to accomplish anything, though, sometimes, it causes him trouble, for example, in 1923, Henry teased him about only being able to shunt trucks in the yard after Thomas got his branchline. Isaac was determined to prove Henry that he could do more than that, but unfortunately, when he was pulling a goods train up Gordon's Hill, the trucks pushed him down, and he crashed into a pond. Isaac was taken to the Steamworks to be repaired. While he was being repaired he overheard some workmen telling each other stories of Greek Mythology. Icarus, a name from the old Greek myths, was a name that Isaac seemed to like very much, and when he next saw the Fat Controller, he requested to have his name be changed to "Icarus." The Fat Controller agreed, and the name "Icarus" stuck with him.

In the 1950's, Icarus was bought by the Other Railway to help with work at the yards there for a few years, along with a young Class 08 shunter named Diesel. Icarus was supposed to return to Sodor in 1960, but during a Christmas party at the yards, that would soon change for the worse. Icarus and Diesel were assigned to take a goods train after the diesel meant to pull it failed. Diesel and Icarus (the both of them being friends) agreed, and went to take the train. Diesel’s fuel tank was almost empty, so he went away to refuel. After he’d gone, a Class 01 diesel, numbered 2957, sidled up to Icarus, and mocked him, doubting that he could pull the train without help. After 2957 left, Icarus became determined again. He wanted to pull the train all by himself. So, instead of waiting for Diesel, he tried his hardest to pull the train, but his wheels spun helplessly on the rails. What he didn’t realize was that another diesel shunted extra trucks to the end of the train, making it heavier. Diesel came back, and was shocked to find that Icarus was trying to move the train! He tried to warn him about what would happen if he failed, but Icarus didn’t listen. It might have been better if he had for in front of him was a curve, and in front of the curve was the ocean. Icarus’s driver tried to stop Icarus, but he just pulled faster and faster, until his wheels were a blur. Suddenly, his coupling snapped, and Icarus shot forward, and plunged into the sea. Diesel was shocked at what had just happened. He never understood what the other diesels meant when they said that “steam engines were weak, and out of date.” But Icarus’s accident finally showed him what they meant by that. Thinking Icarus was never strong enough to pull the train, (not realizing there were extra cars behind it) the other diesels’ words stuck to his mind, and soon, he became the arrogant diesel who arrived to Sodor in 1957, one week after Icarus’s accident.

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