Of the Sorrows Picture

Deirdre Dalton's name is a reference to Deirdre of the Sorrows, a famous tragic heroine in Irish mythology. (Coincidentally, the name itself also means 'sorrow'.) While her life does not parallel the Deirdre in the myth, the tragic aspect is very prevalent in her character, as evidenced by this:

"You could say that some aspects of Deirdre’s personality contradict each other. For example, she hates being around people (and is extremely awkward when interacting with them), yet she suffers from autophobia. (Though the episodes are only brought on when her dead parents are mentioned, or she is mocked for it). She is also very stubborn, easily irritated, and is quite the control freak. After her parents died, she refused to show any emotions other than mild anger and distaste (she is afraid of being seen as 'weak', and doesn't want to be pitied). She is also very cold and desensitized to blood. Her face has usually no expression, which tends to unnerve people who aren't used to interacting with her. When she is in the state brought upon by the autophobia, she becomes very clingy and gets hysterical if whoever she is with wants to leave without her. (Sonya is the only person to see these episodes, so when in her autophobic state, Deirdre is pretty much attached to her). When in this state, she also likes to have her hair and face rubbed. Afterwards, to make up for showing emotions, she becomes even more closed-off. Deirdre is a very analytical person, almost over analytical, and is gifted with a deep understanding of the sciences, specifically chemistry. Her dream is to create a chemical which would terminate all emotions within a person’s mind. Her friends are alarmed at this fact, and try to make her see that emotions are good. Deirdre does not comprehend this and continues to work on the chemical clandestinely."
-(From Deirdre Dalton's character bio)

I love this character; she is so much fun to write. (I mean, she's sort of like a less pretentious, more angsty version of Shashi, haha, XD.)
Her parents died in a car crash. In the same crash, she also lost her right leg just above the knee. Due to this, she wears a prosthetic leg, and she is very self-conscious of the fact. (She hides it very well; no one even knows she has one until Sonya becomes her roommate.)

...I also thought of the ship name for her and Sonya: Pyrokinetic Energy (due to Sonya being pyrokinetic, and Deirdre herself being able to manipulate energy and making it tangible). I dunno, it sounds better than anything else I came up with, XD. Unless I used Ketchup and Mustard due to their hair...Hahaha, NO


In terms of this piece, I tried to be a bit surrealistic, but I don't think it works as well as I thought it would.

I used purple for the background because, not only is it synonymous with royalty (and Deirdre sort of has a 'regal' coldness), it also just looked toxic when blended with her skin. (And I wanted the background to look like it was consuming her.)

...I also feel she looks too much like Shashi here (except paler and sadder). Whoops. I'm trying to differentiate them better.
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