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One: The Creation of the Demon Dragon

The creation of the demon dragon is an area that slips into mythology and in all honesty is not that clear. But if told they often begin the same….

When Elctirnaba saw the glory that was the dragon created by his elder sister; he developed a jealousy that he could not create something so powerful or so beautiful. Watching his demon creations fight the dragons and loose, Elctirnaba began to ponder whether he could create a demon that could harvest the souls of the dragons… to create a true enemy for the dragons.
Without even asking for her permission or help, Elctirnaba got to work but his creatures were not as fantastic as he might have hoped. They were stuck in a permanent form, a form that never seemed to grow muscles or do much but remain a dead dragon’s skeleton covered in flesh. He could not even make them true wings, so using his power of the storm he developed them a kind of wing of storm cloud and darkness that meant the vary air around it would run away in fear – so the demon could fly.
The greatest difficulty was that he was not a being of the light and so could not make a dragon to revel in moon or sunlight… the creature shunned it and feared it. Sorrowful and annoyed he could not make something so grand, Elctirnaba sent the creature he named the Wishmaster into the shadows and found a different way to create something as wonderful… with the Wishmaster he created a fear to lurk at the back of the minds of the greatest dragons. This fear the Wishmaster could sup and scent, soon it grew to such a greatness that he could slip into the mind and control where the fear came from. He could steal the soul of a dragon through its fear and so, trapped in darkness; it could still reach out and touch a being….”

- The Book of Creation as re-written by Merlin’s Bane

This initial idea is that Elctirnaba created the Wishmaster from the mixed about bones of an already dead dragon, practically making a Frankenstein/ zombie creature that could never be as great as a Rainbow dragon or even of the same type… yet it had come from the Rainbow dragon. All in all, this separation is distinctive enough that the Demon dragon and Rainbow dragon are considered two separate species, whereas all over dragons as sub-species/ breeds.

The demon dragon is given the Latin-style name of Draco osseous (dragon skeleton) with no sub-species save the Nightmare dragon types.

However, if the myths are to be believed, then the Demon dragon that had once been quite rare suddenly exploded in population size during the twenty-thousand years that Alumina remained sleeping and the moon did not come out at night. Within this developed darkness the dragons were able to step out of the shadows and their ability to steal the souls of many creatures encouraged the fear and also the worship of these beings.

It is believed that this time, when the humans were developing and ever fearful of the moon’s return, that the idea of virgin sacrifices became a common practice and these beings were given up to the demon dragons. It is a very firm religious idea, even amongst the realms of Dragondera, which the soul of a virgin is much purer and if you ever ask a demon dragon they seem to have a great fondness for them. Alongside this sudden influx of feeding on souls the demon dragon grew more vicious and relentless; which began the slaughter of dragons whilst Alumina slept.

Towards the end of the sleeping the demon dragon was in serious trouble of dying out, just like the rainbow dragons. As the Rainbow species began to specialise in areas where there were less humans or they had more safety, or where they could become more aggressive and strong… the demon dragons took their association with Elctirnaba to the next level. Begging for his assistance they were all granted one great power – the ability to sacrifice some of the souls they had absorbed to create armies of Nightmare dragons… drones that could give their lives to protect the demon dragons from the humans and mean nothing – practically creating robots. However, in doing so the demons began to loose a food source and so instead of just creating the nightmare dragons they encouraged them to breed and each new life came with a new soul; which the demon dragon then began to use as its host.

Because the demon dragon is barely alive and does not have the same intact organs as most other dragons, a host does all the work for it. Like a parasite inside someone’s guy, inside the mind of another dragon they do not need to worry about being blind, death or voice-less as they can use their drone/ host’s body for such things. They do not need to develop flight muscles or chest muscles as they gain oxygen from their natural ability to absorb necessary things from the atmosphere and environment; this is something assumedly linked to the organ that absorbs souls. Instead they gain life, not necessarily nourishment as they do not need such a thing, from the soul of their host.

In general, they do not exist in the same way we might see a dog running around in a back garden but more like we might believe there are ghosts…

Other Names: Nightmare Controller, Bee, Dark, Devil, Host, Parasite, Night, Hell-Spawn, Black or Evil dragons

In general this species is very rare, there are only five demon lords on Dragondera after all and for the purpose of the game (when ready) you must have express permission to join with one.

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