Agent Sasha Profile Picture

Full Name: Agent Sasha Records
Gender: Female
Current Age: Unknown
Species: Pegasus
Ability Type: Fly
Specialty: Secret agent journalist
Personality: Confident, daring, lucky, stealthy
Likes: Her job, writing, live action
Dislikes: Losing documents, murder, working completely alone, the thought of leaving her new and improved life
Family: N/A
Friends: Flair (… ), Casey (… ), Art (… ), Liza (… ), and other experienced agents
Enemies: Wrong doers and their scandals
Crushes/Loves: Unknown
Important Details:
- She started her carrier as a standard journalist in another dimension. She joined a group of secret agent spies to help her out with an article she was writing on detectives. She became so inspired by their work that she decided to become one herself, and write about the criminals she worked against to still give society that scoop of exciting gossip. On her recent mission, she was writing about disappearances of illegal machine parts to build weapons of mass destruction. At the same time, she was tracking down the stolen parts which over time led her to a secret base of antagonists were knew of her work of spreading the word of their actions. Though spying on them in their base, she reported they were planning to build a machine which would cause a series of catastrophic events to unleash out of it into the world which would destroy the realm. The lead supervisor in charge of this plan in particular wasn't trying to get revenge on the world like the other supervisors were, but because he had bad history with her and wanted her gone even if the planet would be destroyed. Wile writing down the latest bits of the case nearby, she was spotted by guards from the fortress who were told by the lead supervisor to capture her so she can be the first one to taste the machine's power. She thought she would hear more information from them, so she let them take her. Once inside and hearing enough detail, she attempted to flee. In the live action of guns going off and fists flying wile running around, the machine was accidentally activated but malfunctioned which mysteriously flung her out of the world into another dimension in another form. After she disappeared, the disasters of hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. were unleashed in the base which permanently terminated the fortress and everyone/thing in it including the machine itself. After the dust settled, nothing was left but shattered remains.
- After the crisis of her being wiped out out her home dimension, she woke up from being unconscious in Mobius ( ). She was completely confused and so scared about what happened, that she ran around the streets in the dark of the night with her pistols out and loaded, searching for any of the guards from the machine base. As she ran into one street, a van stopped right in front of her which was labeled "Myth Confinement". The specialists in the van who were searching for dangerous mythical creatures at the time just saw a Pegasus holding two guns, and captured her followed by bring her to the Mythological confinement. As they exited their fan to collect her, she was just staring at her new Mobian ( ) form in absolute shock and terror so paused in that moment that she let them take her. After she was placed in a cell, she started self escape acts which got her nowhere, but boosted experience on getting out of tight situations. She finally gave up after being moved to the cell next to the security office so she would no longer attempt escaping. She met fellow inmates Art and Liza. As time passed, she met the newly hired security guard Casey, who brought happiness to every single prisoner including herself.
- After Casey was transferred out of the confinement, her, Art, and Liza were most upset. Her and the others waited and hoped she would get out of her situation and return or maybe even free them. Casey met Flair's community in the event of escaping the jail and meeting Randall (… ). Later that night, Ginger (… ), who volunteered to help get the others out, found her way in the confinment to guide them all home where they can be happy and not hurt anyone. Her, Liza and Art were led to the community, but not sure why. When the they arrived, they saw Casey and Flair and instantly they knew they were welcomed for the first time. Therefore, her, Casey, Art, and Liza all joined the community. Later on through time, the confinement mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Rumor has it the other mythological creatures took it out after they were freed by Ginger.
- She is now the community's newspaper writer and editor. On her own time, she collects special articles to her newspaper documents by keeping her secret agent job close at hand. She will sometimes get hired by Flair or agencies outside the community to report and help track down wrong doers as long as they have her back to make sure she doesn't disappear into yet another dimension. She fears to be departed again because she finally believes she's at home as a result of not having friends in the past from the dimension she came from. Due to this she always welcomes any experienced members from the community to help her on cases. On the toughest missions, she will request help from Liza or even Nicky (… ) since he too is an agent.
- She keeps a note of the case she is currently writing about and investigating pinned to her hat. She also keeps her journal in her boot to always have it handy when she needs to write input of detective work, juicy stories, or both at once.
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