Djinn Picture

Well I sorta went overboard on this one. I think it's been post worked within an inch of it's life. I created the big guy as a test of the new Subsurface Shaders for Daz3D. Specifically I used the inappropriately named "Toon" Shaders. I say inappropriately named because the guy looks unbelievable by himself. I was truly shocked at how good he looks. I'm going to be going back and tweaking some old renders with these new shaders and seeing what I can come up with because it's truly unreal.

Anyway when I finished him I decided to render him out as a PNG all by his lonesome. Then I brought him into WowFX HD for iPad and added most of what you see in the central piece. The lighting and effects. Afterward I brought that into PhotoShop CS5.5 and add the letterbox, flared borders and the text.

I'm really happy with how he turned out. In ancient myths Djinn's or the more westernized "Genie" were actually trapped beings from another dimension or realm of reality. They obeyed their masters and granted wishes (legends vary if it was really 3 wishes or not) but ultimately when they were complete they would be free to turn on their masters who were sometimes (oft times really) cruel and selfish. So that's where the "evil" look comes in.

The "Phenomenal Cosmic Power" part came from (of course) the Disney movie Aladdin but it seemed so appropriate given the amount of majestic cosmic whoop ass this guy is unloading.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.
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