Khonsu Line Art Picture

Look! It's Khonsu- the Egyptian god of the moon! Ain't he cute? ...Actually, Thoth was also a moon god- a lot of myths say he assigned the job of the moon by Re, but they also mention Khonsu at the same time. He was more of a keeper of its light and all. So I made them partners in crime as far as the moon goes (Khonsu also kinda idolizes Thothy) Khonsu was often shown as a child or young teen with the Sidelock of Youth. Thus the corn rows hairstyle; it's an abstract reference to the Sidelock.

Anyhoo, here's a quick little bio!!

Age: Physically 11 years; (actual age coming soon)
Eyes: Bluish-Grey
Hair: Black
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: Uhhhh... Coming soon?!

Khonsu is a generally reserved, quiet god who prefers to stay out of everyone's business. Despite his childish appearance, he's actually one of the older gods among the Egyptian deities and has a higher maturity level than most of them. Unfortunately, he's rarely taken seriously due to looking like a kid, but his mild nature keeps him from getting worked up over it. His somewhat effeminate air has gotten him mistaken for a tomboy on more than one occasion. He spends a lot of time with Thoth outside of their job maintaining the moon cycles. Needless to say, he views Thoth as his role model and tries to be like him (sans the tendency to screw with people and flirt with other male gods *I'll explain that later, okay?*). He's also good friends with Bes (despite being total opposites) and Twaret (who he's developed a crush on-- don' tell!) and is usually dragged by the former on odd expeditions around Yaru. Khonsu's hobbies include reading, taking apart electronics and failing to put them back together, enjoying the outdoors, and sitting around deep in thought.


And that's Khonsu. I drew this with Art Studio for iPad (huzzah for 10-hour-long plane rides to Hawaii). I'll color him soon!

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~NekoFLASH!/ Madison and Cuddles
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