Radiating Arrogance Picture

EDIT: My colour hypothesis proved correct as I got a comment in under a minute. So his old info deviation now has the coloured pic on it and this is just for those who wanna see it in better quality.

Woop! Colour pic of Gronw The Radiant! (and his pet Typhon the Mana Leech~)
Cos I figured that loads of black and white, mostly text images probably look shitty as thumbnails nobody will have noticed his info deviation, no? Well if you wanna know more about him go here: [link]
Setting Info: [link] A Random Other Character: [link]

Here I shall just find a space for all his design-based trivia~!
* Gronw gains a few minor traits from the monsters he controls- for example here he gains slit pupils and small fangs from Typhon. This can vary from the superficial (e.g his clothes change colour) to stuff that actually changes his stat build. (e.g. if he's controlling a buff monster he bulks up)
* Typhon's colourscheme was based on a photo negative of someone wearing woad tattoos. Just cos I thought it was cool XD
* Typhon can also change appearance. If he absorbs mana from creatures of one particular element 100 times then he transforms into that element and his colour changes to match. He's shown here in his default non-elemental state. (For reference, Water turns him a much lighter blue and his markings become green)
* The giant purple trousers = extravagance. Purple is the rarest dye so they probably cost more than all his gold bling.
* His coat design is so splodgey fail cos he tried to draw it on with woad (which is a traditional celtic skin dye), unaware that it sort of soaks into fabric like any other dye. That design was like half the size it is now when he painted it on XD On the plus side the rest of the coat got a nice blue tint in the wash!

gronw and typhon belong to bunni89
original myths they're based on belong to whoever invented them
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