Unicorn Girl Thing Picture

Another rough sketch, this time of a unicorn girl. She was supposed to be anthro but I just can't frickin' do it. >__<

I was also trying to make her lithe and thin, though now her head looks too big. Post-editing will fix this up.

She is a lone creature in the woods, who doesn't go near any people except for sad maidens so she can cheer them up. A pure creature like her doesn't like to flash the magic in her horn, so it's not really known exactly WHAT she can do with it. However, the forest in which she stays has never seen any other color except green, and flowers are always in bloom, so some say she keeps it ageless.

If only she did show off though, so it wouldn't leave the people in the cities and villages to create stories about how her horn, when ground and put in your drink, is a natural aphrodisiac, or that it has medicinal properties.

She needs a name. When I have a name for her, I will line and color this picture.
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