Voyager - Manilla Road cover Picture

The last two weeks I was very busy - I had to paint the cover for the coming Manilla Road cd. They are an Epic Metal band and exist for over 30 years now. I love their music since I´ve heard it for the first time in 1994, so it was a great job to do this.
I´ve painted the original with acrylics on a pressboard, 42 cm x 45 cm and then put the drawing on the sail into it via computer (it´s a drawing from an old innersleeve cover of the band from an album of the 80s) - of course I had to change the perspective of the original drawing first.
I also did the layout with the band´s logo and album title.
I only had 1 week to finish this, wich was not that much (I even didn´t have the time to work on it every day)
Here´s the original painting without computer help: [link]

And here´s the back cover: [link]
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