Mythical Webcomics Picture

I was reading two webcomics that are based on Greek mythology that I like and had the sudden urge to draw fan art.

We have Hades from the webcomic MYth([link]). This webcomic is beautiful. It's just...that art is amazing.

The next one is Hephaestus from...Hephaestus(">[link])! And to be honest, I like this one just a bit more than MYth. I think it's because the art isn't pretty manga art and all the characters look different than what you expect. Also, in my picture, Hephaestus came out the best in my opinion.

Then I have me and my character Herakles. No, he isn't a god like the other two in the picture. He just some kid who goes on an adventure in a magical world while people mistaken him as some hero although all he wants to do is go back home.

So...yeah...I love these guys. <3
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