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Name: Casey Dioscuri
D.O.B: June 21
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3

She's ridiculously optimistic and friendly. And outgoing. Upbeat doesn't even begin to describe it.
Due to her Eidetic Memory, she is forced to be quite observant about the world around her, the noises, smells, sounds, and everything she sees. This also helps when she's deducing an answer to a problem or etc. Unfortunately, Casey also loves to shut out all the world and all of her senses for some peace and quiet, usually by daydreaming, and such makes this trait of hers useless at times.
-Absent minded
Casey tends to fly off in her own little world. She often ends up tuning things out and thinking her own little thoughts if the topic isn't interesting enough. She often does this intentionally though too, as she finds it much more relaxing to tune all her senses out and relax her brain than it is to completely be aware of anything and everything. It's probably a good idea to partner her with someone willing to smack her upside the head for dilly-dallying.
Her mind tends to work faster than her limbs. This usually ends up with her fumbling with anything of that when trying to do anything more advanced than running or walking. Her clumsyness hinders her ability to adapt quickly in any physical sort of situation.
She always looks for the silver lining, literally looking for any possible outcome in any situation in which one could achieve a better situation through any reasonable means necessary. Yes this gets annoying at times too.
While her optimism is one of her notable features, she also has the power to keep that optimism grounded with her level headed thinking. As in, if she's in a circumstance where every single option will lead to basic bullshit, she'll just pick the best one out of them and rough it out with her “it'll get better!” personality.
While friendly and outgoing, she's very closed off on the topic of herself, preferring to talk about others, or anything really other than her. It's hard to get information out of her about herself other than her name, age, and what her favorite flavor of bubblegum is. (it's watermelon btw) MAYBE, if you're good friends enough...or you threaten it out of her.
She doesn't have much of a backbone. Casey can get easily influenced at times, and she's quite indecisive. Any leadership sort of role gives her the heebie-jeebies, usually with the fear of letting others down and such, so she's very much content at the moment to being a follower. Her sister was who she served without a question of doubt, but now that she's alone, she may need to start learning how to grow a spine.
Because she is a logical girl who spends time thinking about every single possible outcome of anything EVER, she's very much aware of the dangers of the world. Now that she is in Dimension 0, the world has become scarier times infinity, and she is very aware of the fact. She's very easily scared, and this often leads to hesitation on her actions.
She might be a certified genius, but that really doesn't mean anything when she's a lazy little kid. Honestly, Casey would rather sit around and daydream or draw or try learning how to make rocks skip on water than do work. But she does understand when things are needed to be done, she may just need a little extra motivation to do them. If a friend asks for it, if someone needs something to be done, if you scold her enough. She'll get up and do it. Usually.
Casey's a nice kid. If you're about to die, expect her to give a hand so you don't. Or if you need to lift something heavy. She's always willing to help when needed, and will only hesitate slightly, THEN jump in head first to save a life.
Casey's most valued trait is probably her determination. It may be about a goal, or a person, but she will put her efforts one hundred and twelve percent in anything she feels is worth it. This goes double with people she's bonded with. You may have messed up, you may have slowed, but Casey will never, ever give up on you. EVER.

History: Casey was born the younger twin to Pauline “Polly” Dioscuri. Both identical twins with identical dna, they both had extremely detailed memories and a high IQ growing up. Even at babies, they seemed to understand each other more than most, which led to them later in life realizing that not all twins could communicate with each other through their heads, it was just them.
They were raised by their mother until they were five years old, when their mother left them. Their father, though legally their sole guardian now, put his time and effort into his work and other things, which didn't give much time to the girls.

Casey remembers hearing something at three am at night and waking up to find her mother shutting the front door with bags in hand. She left to follow her mother, but she'd already gotten into the cab and was driving off. But Casey, even at a young age, does not give up easily, so she continued to follow that cab and when she eventually couldn't figure out where the car had turned, she still decided to keep on wandering, hoping to find the yellow car with her mother. When morning came, her sister eventually realized her sister was missing, and after some questioning via twin telepathy, found her across town, wandering around and crying her eyes out.

With the abandonment of their mother, their overall absent father, and no other relatives to turn to, the twins decided that they were the only family each other had. While he wasn't much of a father, he still continued to pay for their expenses, whether it be food, clothes, toys, etc, and so they continued to live with him.

At school, they used their intelligence to glide by, Polly with outstanding grades and Casey with alright grades (mostly from acing tests but never turning in homework). They also used their skills for other activities, such as swindling others from their money. They didn't have any friends, only acquaintances, but that was alright with them, as they were perfectly happy with just the company of each other.

The day the Sun glitched, the twins were out and about, Casey having wanted to visit the new Bakery down their street, and dragging her sister to it. Polly looked up and saw the unusual image, which prompted Casey to do the same. She had an uneasy feeling when she saw it, and she reached out to her sister, who started to do the same. Then the world fell unconscious.

When she woke up, her sister wasn't there anymore. She tried calling to her in her mind. There was nothing but static.

But she kept going. She became invested in one goal; find her sister. So she bucked up, and with tears in her eyes, stole a walking cane and a pack of oreos and left to go find this group thing she'd heard about. Staying with a group would help her survived, one more step to finding her sister.

COMP: [link]
Faction: Iris
Ranking: Copper
-Twin Telepathy
-Eidetic Memory
She can recall information on most of her memories, from what they looked like, how they smelled, what they heard, etc. Recalling information and memories may get painful and often cause her headaches due to the sensory overload. Casey also resorts to shutting the world out frequently, forcing her mind to unfocus in order to ease her headaches and such, which leads to this skill becoming useless at some points.
-Great deductive reasoning skills
She can come to logical conclusions of most problems or questions with her logical reasoning skills and her highly intense memory.
-Fast Learner
Even with a greatly high IQ, she's slacked off on school most times and is too lazy to bother with math, science, or history, so she's not as knowledgeable at those topics, but she can quickly learn and memorize at an alarming rate.
She doesn't go at problems in a straightforward way, usually thinking first of any tricks or different angles to solve it.
-First Aid
Her sister decided First Aid would be something great for them to learn. She's really glad she did.
-Fantastic Trumpet Player
Once she and her sister decided to play for the school band. After a week of practice, she could play at a professional level. She and her left a couple of days after though when they found out that practice was two hours after school. No thank you.
Weapon: A pink walking cane stolen from a supermarket. How in the world no one noticed a kid walking out of a supermarket with a huge cane and pockets filled with oreos, well, let's just thank fate for that.

-Day Dreaming
-Amusement Parks
-She's terrified of snails. Not really any logic behind that, other than she thinks they're slimey and creepy.
-Bullies picked on her when she was little. Her sister chased them away for her. So she's still quite frightened by bullies, but willing to take a (nervous) stand for those who are being bullied.
-Don't talk smack about her sister. Don't even mention her sister unless she does. Unless you suddenly want a punch to the gut. (It'd hurt for her too since she's a wimp but still)
-It's hard for her to hold grudges
-She's a light sleeper
-The little shit carved on her comp and made a gemini sign out of boredom.

I think I may redo the picture later, but for now this is good.
Haha to some mythology enthusiasts out there, I'm pretty sure her name makes it really obvious on what myth I was influenced with.

Also why did I have to make her shoes like that why not something simple and something that doesn't remind me of Kingdom Hearts shoes sigh
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