Sepys Picture

This is Sepys Esmeney pronounced (Sep-iss) (Ez-meany). some of the people in my house couldnt figure out how to promounce it.

I was thinking of a story in my head when i drew this... the story is... all of the mythological fairy tales do exist, orcs,goblins,fairys,elves and such, but their are no werewolves, i'll get back to that in a sec. All of the bad fairytale monsters decide that they are going to break the ancient pact that hid them from the human world and they are going to use the humans as their slaves and food and whatnot. well after they show themselves and start eating people, the government steps in to try and stop them but they have no real defense against them. They have what the myths say will hurt them but 10-1 they are wrong. Anyway, the elves, and dwarves and wizards and such decide that they will help the humans to survive. Thats where Sepys comes to play. She is a 200 year old elf. Hence the pointy ears. 200 is young in my story since elves are immortal in my story. They can be killed, but its difficult. Anyway, Sepys is what we would call a general in the elves "airforce". She is Supremely intelligent, witty, and has a fantastic mind for tactics. She can be a tad bit cynical sometimes though. Anywho. In my story Elves take on a random animal characteristic at around age 20 or so. Sepys just happened to grow large pure white wings. Her brother Lock. Took on the appearance of a fish person. he is amphibious though, lasting about 2 weeks out of water.
The animal trait is not heredatary, the parents may both be tiger elves but their kids may turn out to be a butterfly elf or something completly unrelated. Its just a random trait as far as they can figure out. That explains the lack of werewolves in my story. They are actually elves with wolf or canine characteristics.
The elves are also way ahead of humans in terms of technology. The sword Sepys uses is a laser sword. I may draw another pic of her with it out later.

Anyway, Sepys is also in charge of Council (thats the allied myths)-human realtions. She deals with the President and such like that....

Hope you enjoy. will post PS version later

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