Hel and Ullr. Return Picture

There is a myth that the goddess Hel has been sweetheart young Ullr - God of winter and hunting.
Once Ullr tried to take power from the king of the gods Odin, but to no avail. Odin punish the usurper, and sent him to the Realm of the Dead, where the rules of Hel. Hel and Ull love each other, but after a few months Odin forgave him and returned to Asgard - home of the gods.

But Hel could not forget Ullr, so since then he leaves every light Asgard and spends time with her for several months, living in the Land of the Dead.
In this picture you see when returning to Ull Hel and comes to an end their long separation.
Although this archaic myth is not recorded in the Edda, to me it seems very nice and touching. And I love these characters.
I hope you like it!
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