The Caduceus Picture

Just to shake things up a little, here's something I did last summer.

Well. Part of something I did last summer.

This is actually the last page in a 25 page collection of comics of Hermes myths. This is the only one that ended up being a standalone page (most went at least a page and a half, and I just started the next one as the previous one ended, splitting it up with the title bars).

The double omega in the lower right corner is because it's the end of the comic and the end of the book. In the rest of the book, there's just a single omega at the end of a myth.

I don't know why I used orange. I just associate Hermes with orange.

I'm also (still) working on Artemis comics in a simlar 25 page format. This wouldn't be a problem, except this was for a girl's bat mitzvah present, and that was nearly a year ago and she still only has the first half of her present. >_< Fortunately she's very forgiving.
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