The Thunderbird Picture

In Naitive American legend (not to be confused with North American Myth, which worships cars), the Thunderbird is a personification of thunder and lightning (not unlike the Pokemon Zapdos, which is based off the Thunderbird). It is two canoe lengths from wing tip to wing tip. The Thunderbird creates storms as it flies-thunder is the sound of its beating wings, when it blinks, it creates sheet lightning, and individual lightning bolts are glowing snakes it carries around.

Many legends have just one Thunderbird (in this case, it lived on a mountain and served the Great Spirit), or an entire species of Thunderbirds (who could change to human shape and marry humans-indeed, many Naitive American families trace their lineage to a Thunderbird). In all cases, it is an intelligent and powerful being that you should go out of your way not to annoy.

I drew it in pencil (I think I inked it), scanned it in, and coloured it up in Fireworks.

Ph34r teh Thund3rb1rd!!!!1!
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