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ok, i know i say this every time, but come on people! actually leave a comment with what you want to see happen next! i know you people are reading these! but yah... being angry at those of you who dont actually participate aside i actually timed myself, and it only took about 2 hours total! which i find rather awesome, so, as always enjoy!

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please comment bellow with what You want to see our heroine to do next.

Unsure of what this strange glowing creature is our heroine tries to communicate with it through song, singing the common nursery song "if your happy and you know it clap your hands". After being surprised to see that the creature both understood her and responded to the lyrics our heroine was overcome by the cuteness of the strange creature and attempted to hug it, only ending up falling through the strange thing's ephemeral body.

While our heroine was attempting to play with the strange thing her Scout companion was in a state of shock, eventually informing our heroine that this creature was a Deep Whisp, a mythological ghost like creature that is whats left behind when some one with the blessing of Ularia dies while searching for her domain, ending up as otherworldly glows that drift through the tunnels of the Cavrest acting as Ularia's holy messengers and guides. The Scout also brings up that she though such creatures were only myths mothers told their daughters at night.

hearing this reminded the deep whisp of some apparent goal it had forgotten about for quite some time as it immediately gave our Heroine a message in 3 different languages, only one of which our heroine was able to vaguely understand. From what she could gather though it had been sent out by Ularia to find and tell a hero about some sort of task, that this task would take them to some drow city called "Spider's hallow" and that once there they would meet with... some one that would point them in the right direction.

After parting with this knowledge the whisp took the sword that one of the head hunters was using and... well just sort of floated there.

with this strange creature and a vaguely clear task before them, What will the do?
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