galabor enemy1: sperpent-sifes Picture

minor note i actualy know quite a lot of egyption mythology so if i had gotten somethin wrong about this then plz do tell me. also this is an OC bein added into egyption god mythology so no tearin me down about it.

name: serpent-sifes (sigh-fest)
real name: sifes-alinum (ali-noom)
Ec: different shades of blue
Sc: red body, orange under belly, pharoh (sp?) crown colored crest
species: enlarged king cobra with a spear shaped rattle

Serpent-sifes is one of the most powerful foes Galabors ever faught. he murdered Galabors mate and nearly killed his son.

when the egytption gods were just begining Sifes was born as anubus's twin brother. he was hidden from legends and of myth. his role with the gods is that he himself was known as the life taker and giver. a grim reaper and one that gave life to newborns.

one day Sifes discovered a secrets power that was hidden away from the gods by Ra. he stole it and took it as his own. Ra warned the others about Sifes power growing more and more by the day. finally Horus stood up to Sifes. with the help of Anubus Horus locked Sifes into a tomb filled with relics, talismens, and other items to keep him imprisoned.

enraged by Sifes behavior Anubus asked Ra to sent Sifes tomb deep into the Earth far away from humans. he agreed and did as requested. a couple thousend years later a quarter human who was part crocodile discovered the tomb of Serpent-Sifes the god of all horror, death, and life. Sifes was released and became the strongest monster ever known since godzilla.

Sifes-alinum, galabor, quarter humans, and galabors mate and son are all copyright of me
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