Demongelic trio Picture

Demongelic is coming

The Evernight Chronicles has been switched to Demongelic it’s a story with new characters and a new plot. In this edgy new urban fantasy the line between myth and reality is no more. What if myths were once real and never died out, what if they evolved with us and were here right now blending in with modern day people. Well they are real and there hiding and being hunted, the three dominant hidden word beings are Angels, Faeries and Demons they are at war with each other but that is not the main focus of the story. The story starts with Christopher Skye a 15 year old boy who has been plagued by horrible night terrors and visions of strange people in colored overcoats hunting teenagers. Desperate he seeks help of a fortune teller but when the cards he least wants to see are on the table he runs home only to be ambushed by two of the over coat wearing attackers. Chris is rescued by two teenagers a headstrong half human half fallen angel and a sarcastic joker leprechaun they teach him about the hidden world and his true identity. They also explain that Dusk a very powerful demon has risen from the abyss to bring Hell on earth and they only thing that can stop him are teenage Halflings (beings half human half hidden worlder) so he calls on the Unlucky XIII a group of thirteen overcoat wearing assassins composed of myths, urban legends and folklore. The thirteen assassins were summoned to exterminate all teenage Halflings that stand in Dusk’s way. Chris and the two Halfings set out in race against time to retrieve the seven hidden world relics that are concealed in modern day New York City. The trio must find the relics before Dusk and survive the target on their backs while being hunted by the unlucky XIII.

“The battle between Heaven and hell has gotten out of hand and it’s our war now!”

Left to right: Paige(half human half angel) Christopher(Half human Half angel) and Damon(Leprechaun

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©Bradley Pennell

*the beautiful circles and symbols belong to Obsidian dawn, be sure to check out her out work its truly stunning.
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