World- Framed Picture

Hello! I completed this piece last night for a contest! The day of the deadline, as usual.... it was to make an artwork for my literature department's deans office. I am minoring in Literatures of the World, so i went with a worldy theme. My works are usually inspired by mythology, and this so far has been my favorite course. World is less inspired by a specific myth, but more-so the idea that many mythologies coexist within our one world. I painted a moon comprised of the four common elements earth, wind, fire, and water. I tried to make the features ambiguous: even though there is a wind zephyr one cannot tell if it is Greek or a different culture. This is to embody the idea that no matter who we are or what we believe it all exists under the same single moon. The majority of the moon is watercolor, outlined in sharpie. The background is acrylic paint.

That water line.... omg omg omg

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