ShadeofShinon's contest : Sleipnir Picture

Okay, so this is my second entry to ShadeofShinon's contest about myths and legends.

I think I saw someone talking about Sleipnir on her contest's main page, and I thought "Why not ?". However, there wasn't any horse-like or pony-like Pokémon in her team, so... Have an eight-legged volcanic camel !

Sleipnir is a divine horse in the nordic mythology, its father is a mighty horse, and her mother is.. Loki. Yeah, yeah, I can't exactly explain this. Mythological stuff, y'know. Anyway, its main feature is to have 8 legs which give it an incredible speed, and it is said to be able to travel across the worlds. Because why not.

I'm pretty proud of the result on Eyjafjall. I mean, she could have been completely disproportioned, but she's not, so that's an achievement. I guess. My main problem with this drawing is with the COLORS. And, for once, I'm gonna blame my tools. The paper was awful, and my color pencils are pitiful. It results on lines and holes on the big colored parts, especially the sky. Hopefully, it could be seen as rain. Which brings me to the other problem : the lightnings. Seriously, I know I'm a beginner with pencils but these things are like the devil himself. I just didn't know HOW to draw them, and I didn't want them to look like the horrible yellow scar-like things we draw in elementary school. So, I tried something... Eh, still better than the sky.

By the way, the snowy mount with this angry sky is a zoomed view of the Eyjafjallajökull itself, a reference to Eyj' name.

So, I hope that the real artist likes it, because I had fun drawing Eyj' with her 8 legs. I'm still not even close to deserve to hold the other contestants' pencils, but, yeah, that's a beginning. As for Fenrir/Solveig's drawing, I'm more proud of the idea than of the drawing, but I'm glad as it is (almost) fully created from scratch.

Eyjafjall is ShadeofShinon's property, and Camerupt belongs to Game Freak. (By the way, see also this drawing as a tribute for the upcoming remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire~)
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