Hephaestus - Kalik-ing-Away Picture

NAME: Hephaestus


PARENTS: Hermes dracodoptables.deviantart.com/… and Hestia fav.me/d2uuhjt


OWNER: Kalik-ing-Away


FEATURES: Unavailable

ITEMS: Little Alibi - Donkey (Tailor Made), x6 Pet Peeves, Crate, x2 Axe, Workshop Background




Fire Breath: Hephaestus uses his fire breath to help him with his tinkering and building. He uses it to help him stick stuff together and melt it (or burn it) apart. He would never hurt anybody, and is always very careful.

LIKES: Paper, Red Gold, making things, fire, sunlight, Chubbs, Mangled Molly, doing things

DISLIKES: Tardiness, Faeries, doing nothing, when things are broken, being thrown off mountains, being pushed, being yelled at, people making fun of his inventions

Hephaestus is a very inventive and active Leafy. He's constantly coming up with new ideas and always testing out his little inventions. He can often be found flapping around with something that looks quite odd, looking for a volunteer to test it for him. He loves it when he can watch fire, so he loves other drakes with firebreath. He is constantly collecting red, white, black, gold, and blue things because those are his favorite colors! He loves to have trinkets around him and can sometimes be found messing with them to make something new. With an imagination like Hephaestus's, one is bound to have lots of fun game ideas! He loves to talk about any of his ideas, and he loves to listen when somebody else has an idea. He often takes their ideas, if they apply, and tries to make something of it, literally!

When he's not talking about his inventions or ideas, somebody compliments he himself, or somebody tries to start up a regular conversation, Hephaestus is very shy. He often stumbles over his words and flies away before the other person can say anything. He is very softspoken, voice hardly ever rising above that of the rustle of leaves in a breeze. He is enthralled with Greek Mythology, especially his namesake. Occasionally he can be found reading a legend or myth, trying to draw clues as to how the Gods would think. He loves to listen to stories so long as he doesn't have to talk.

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