Hades and Persephone Picture

So I'm back from Greece! 8D

Decided to redraw some derpy doodle I made during the trip and have recently finished it. And for once it's not digital. Whut.

So our guide kinda liked telling us stuff regarding Greek mythology and she also mentioned the story of Hades and Persephone (which is one of my favourites). Now I kinda knew the basic of that myth, like, you know, Hades having absolutely no idea how one is supposed to romance one's godess of interest and goes 'oh hey pretty lady I like you be my queen' and then simply carries her off to his realm right from under her kinda-powerful-and-very-protective-mother's nose, and how this lead to a lot of conflicts and how the change of seasons came to be in the end.

What I didn't know was how the actual relationship between the Lord of the Dead and his acquired wife ended up being. I mean, obviously Hades harbors some pretty strong (and sometimes uncontrollable) feelings for her, but what about the lovely goddess' feelings towards him? Luckily the guide came to my help and told me that her initial fear towards him disappeared and Persephone eventually fell for Hades as well (not to mention she became a badass Queen of the Underworld). This explanation turned the whole story (or at least the begginning of it) into some kind of greek beauty and the beast in my head, which obviously made me love this myth even more.

Now I have a very strong urge to just doodle these two being strangely adorable together. I'd mostly make doodles about Hades being all awkward and confused around Persephone tbh.
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