Two certain cats Picture

More cat art! XD This time I was deep into ancient myths and I wanted to try to draw these two. The lovely lady is Bastet while the big guy is Cait Sith (Cat Sìth, Cat Sidhe, Cat Sì). While the first is clearly Egyptian, the second is part of the Irish fairy people.

Bastet is usually portrayed as a black cat with golden eye markings along with jewelery, for differentiate her from Cait I made her appear in the form of a dune cat, I nearly killed myself for finding a good reference shot of an adult, people only take photos of them as kittens. So here she got sand-colored fur and her usual jewelery, it was difficult but her details were fun to make.

As for Cait, he's clearly much easier to make because he's basically a really big, black cat with oversized ears. I have followed some old drawings of him where he's depicted almost completely black except for that patch over his chest. Most of the stories involving him are downright creepy. (read the Black Cat of Poe for a nice example) Even if most of the artists nowdays portray him with closed eyes in the past he was mostly described with glowing green eyes, which seen in a foggy night could scare anyone off. I think in my drawing he looks a bit... happy?

On the technical part, I did this with a B2 pencil mostly out of boredom, it's funny to see two cats from different myths meeting, I don't know how they might react in each other's company, but I think Bastet woult be surprised to find out that in her colleague's continent cats, but mostly black ones, were suddenly considered evil and therefore killed. (Note: This caused a BIG problem in Europe, I wonder if you know what I mean.) Cait just keeps smiling, that time is over and will never come back now that humanity grew out of most of those superstitions about cats.

Stuff used: B2 pencil and paper.

Art and these versions of the mythological characters are (c) by me, lskaori.
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