Everlasting Embrace Picture

Warning! Everything written in italic script is mature content, but mild mature content nonetheless. If you consider that offensive, just skip it!

"In the beginning was Chaos. Then, somehow, out of the Chaos Gaia, the Earth, was born, I never exactly understood how... Gaia now gave birth to Uranos, the Sky. Together with Gaia, Eros, the God of Sex had been born out of the Chaos, and he now connected Gaia and Uranos, earth and sky. (Inbreeding was everpresent in greek mythology...)
In this giant embrace, one could say millions of years enduring embrace, they produced the first life.
Sometimes, on misty days, you can still see the everlasting embrace, and you cannot tell where Gaia, the Earth begins and Uranos, the Sky, ends."

I immediatly had to think of this myth when I took the picture, and I think it would be unjust not to mention it in the deviation. Excuse the poor english up there, please, but I had to translate it practically from my memory and that's not as easy as it may seem!
I put the mature content thing anyway, just in case.

I like the simplicity of the pic...
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