Sioux Buffalo Dancer Picture

The buffalo played a large part in the ceremonies and mythology of the Plains Indians. Many myths and folk tables about the buffalo, which delighted both young and old, were told and retold about the campfires.
The first buffalo spirit was born in a northern cave and was said to have been pure white. It had great powers in healing, especially wounds. A white buffalo in a herd was believed to be the reappearance of this buffalo spirit on Earth. The hide taken from such as animal was sacred and had special ceremonial purposes.
Most of the Plains tribes had buffalo societies. The members of these groups took part in special buffalo ceremonies and dances. These men had personal names suggesting movements, actions, or postures of the animal such as "Standing Buffalo," or "Sitting Bull."
The Buffalo Dance of the Plains tribes has many forms. Sometimes a herd of buffalo are represented. Other dancers, with or more in number, are hunters carrying feathered lances and shields. Our dancer is almost done dressing in his ceremonial costume. Then he will apply in paint the sacred designs of the Buffalo. He will then join the dance.
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