So i Herd Yu Haz a Penis Horus Picture

"Im Like Jesus...Without The Pie"
"Cho-co-love-te cause im so yumm'ay"

um in truth the first one doesnt applie to him, until now! i want to upload the orginal for him but at the same time i dont XDD his outfit is fucken crazy to explain XDDD Hoe-rus came because i like egpytian shizz, i was watching final fantasy and justin timberlake is a god... who has bountful amounts of pie

So i Herd Yu Haz a Penis Yes a RARE myth that Horus has a penis actually lolafet in mythology when seth cut up his brother and seperated all the pieces out onto teh world and Iris got Horus to find them all, they actually couldnt find his penis so i guess this title kind of works XD

i wonder now many people will think that i made that up cause i really didnt XDD
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