Odin the Death God and All-Father of the Aesir Picture

Third picture in my Aesir, shiny stuff and Vanir series!

This one is, as you might have noticed, depicting Odin, the All-father, Aesir of death, hatter, Yule Father and a bunch of other stuff in Norse mythology. Also known as Woden, Wödanaz and Wotan.

Odin's own appearance here, is based on the common traits of a one-eyed old man with long hair and beard as well as the description of one of his disguises, Vegtam the wanderer.

Gungnir, the never-stopping spear, the multipying ring Draupnir and Hildskjalf the throne from which Odin sees all realms are all from various myths. Which means that Odin can see everything you do and throw stuff at the people on the front row who block his view.
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