ATC Black Dog Picture


The Black Dog is known by many names. Originating from the British Isles, He is known by many names: Barghest, Black Shuck, Gytrash, and Padfoot. Whales has a similar counterpart named Gwyllgi. It is often referred to simply as "The Black Dog."

Universally, the Black Dog is usually a pitch black dog with glowing red eyes, a reeking breath, and larger than most dogs (many refer to it being something like a Mastiff.) It

The Black Dog is generally malevolent. Black Dogs often appear to wayward travelers, or to those who are walking alone at night. They often a sign of misfortune or death, and in some myths (especially Barghest) they kill whomever stumbles upon them. Gwyllgi is also known as the "Dark Dog of Destiny" as seeing him is an omen of unavoidable ill fate.

Not all Black Dogs are truly malevolent, however. Gytrash is said to aide travelers, but only in his form as a black dog. As a black horse he leads them to their death. Both forms are black with red glowing eyes. Black Shuck is also known to have a benevolent side despite taking the form of a demonic beast, and variations of the Shuck-specific mythology said he protects women and young mothers stranded at night.
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