FFVII: Enuma Elish - Chapter Seven Picture

Ah, finally got this chapter ready and up! Sorry it took so long. On top of my writer's block delays, I tried to post it last night, but my Internet went down.

Anyway, hopefully the reveal of Qingu's identity wasn't terribly shocking. I can never tell if I've hinted at things too much or not enough.

The sacrifices being offered to Tiamat at the lakeside were based on information about Mesopotamian sacrifices to the gods, info obtained from the book "Myths from Mesopotamia" by Stephanie Dalley. (Like all the other hard info I've been using...) Of course, the Mesopotamians used things like goats for their sacrificial victims, but...I'm never sure what sort of livestock they have in the FF world and what sort they don't, so I decided to substitute a baby chocobo instead, since that's the one thing they definitely do have.
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