Mitas Picture

Please welcome sir Mitas!

The human that Delta is kidnapped by and falls in love with cx

He has a very nerdy personality but he, how do you say , 'ties' delta up alot cx if ya know what i mean *wink wink nudge nudge* XD

Mitas is very inti the paranormal/mythological stories and culture , his father was obsessed with finding the creatures since his mother disappeared. After his fathers passing he is sent to live with his aunt.

He is targeted by delta as a sort of test, but Deltas plan back fires and Mitas kidnaps him. Mitas is immediately attracted to the siren believing it was fate for them to meet.

Once he and Delta are accepted to be Together, he is turned into a siren to live with him forever.

Name: Mitas (Lithuanian for myth, did not know this till i looked it up cx)
Species:human turned siren
Weapon: magic/potions
Eyes: purple
Hair: Dark blue w/ light blue highlights
Tail: Baby blue
Sexual orientation: bisexual

Welp comment what you think of him ^-^ and who ever gets where the quote on his shirt is inspired from, they get a cyber cookie XD

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