Going Through the Motions 3 Picture

Man and Myth.

Batman, Spoiler, and Mister Freeze are entirely owned by DC Comics.

Page 3 – batcave

1 Spoiler: “So, is something wrong with his suit?”
2 Batman: “I don’t know. Either that, or he’s upgrading.”
2 Spoiler: “So, we’ll be facing off with one of your superhuman enemies.”
3 Batman: “Hardly. If anything, he’s less than human in strength and speed. He suffered an accident, and it changed his body’s chemistry. He might be a freak, but he’s not some metahuman monster. He’s still a man.”
4 Spoiler: “But one that, like you, cultivates a larger-than-life mythology.”
4 Batman: “Exactly.”
5 Spoiler: “Looks like we’ll be wearing thermal costumes. Do you have anything to melt through an ice sheath, if he zaps us with the freeze gun?”
5 Batman: “It’s a cold gun. It doesn’t freeze people into ice cubes; that’s idiotic. It works by freezing water vapor in the air, and in your body. It can cause you to die of hypothermia, or maybe lose some fingers. But it doesn’t turn you into a cartoon popsicle.”
6 Spoiler: “Sorry. I guess sometimes I still get caught up in the theatricality.”

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