Introducing Sinann Picture

Her face and freckles are supposed to be reminiscent of a leopard seal. The fishy tail isn't based off anything, just random.

I've drawn her once before ages ago but I don't think I ever uploaded it. It was in my "Draco book" where I record all my story notes and quick sketches to go along with them so probably not. She's an older character but I never knew for sure if she was going to be a mermaid or not, and what purpose she would serve. She used to be named Shannon but I wanted a name that fit the world better, especially for her role I eventually decided on (she's the daughter of a god) and I discovered a water spirit or mermaid or something (can't remember right now) that was in Irish or Scottish lore named Sinann. The area (basically) she belonged in, and a similiar name, and a lore to attach her to.

For those who don't know, while I create a lot of my original stories and lore, I love tying my own lore into ancient stories, myths and religions to give mythology junkies like myself something to ooo and awww at. Plus creating an original twist of so much of our real world cultures is really fun!
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