Yume no Monogatari Picture

Unless, of course, my Japanese is totally off (which is quite possible--even probable), the title means "Dream Stories" (well, dream's stories) or "Stories of Dream(s)". This is a linoleum block print I did in my Intro to Art class last year. This was the one I chose to display--while the bells off of the sword (bells with a blade--Bells and Blades, get it? haha) had their string screwed up by my shaky hand (I had to draw it in), and the colors aren't totally perfectly aligned, this was the best one that included the four intended colors.

By the way, the three items on the bottom represent a mythological trinity of items--the blue bead is often used in Shinto (I forget which myths it is significant in, though), the blade is a katana-ized version of the Kusanagi blade (which is supposed to be straight, and it is the blade Susano-o found within the eight-headed serpent Orochi), and the circle on the right is the mirror Amaterasu shone in when she came out of hiding from her cave (after Susano-o frightened her into deciding to withdraw from the world forever). The sakura flower and the heart are...well, the flower is pretty prominent in Japan, and the only one I have any chance of drawing, and the heart is there because my teacher wanted me to fill the space.
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